Current Events

  • Tow Vehicles need love too!

    Tow vehicles need loving too! Dually gets shocks, breaks, rotors, fluids, and a comprehensive prep from Dale, just like all the cars. It definitely earned it with around 30,000 miles of towing in the last year.

  • Thompson Speedway

    We are currently headed up to Thomspon Speedway! To show off both EVSR and also to rent an Entropy Sports Racer to Dan Sperling.

    Welcome to the team Dan! Hope you have a blast and continue to rent from Entropy Racing. 

  • Devil in the Dark 2014

    Two Entropy Sports Racers were entered in the Devil in the Dark 12hour endurance race at New Jersey Motorsports Park hosted by SCCA. We had 4 drivers (2 per car) that alternated driving for the full 12hours of competition. The ESRs did extremely well. Entropy Racers ranked 13th and 14th overall …

  • Something Awesome is Coming

    Something new and amazing is coming to Entropy Racing on February 1st, 2014. Come see it live at the 2014 Entropy Racing Winter Party, or see it online at


  • More entertainment at the Entropy Racing Shop

    For anyone who likes to wait at a shop while their car is being serviced, we have added another way to pass the time. A pool table has now been added to the office for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to come down and shoot a game with us anytime, maybe even get a little race car work …

  • Great weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park

    Entropy Racing had a fantastic weekend  at NJMP with the Independent Motorsports Group. Everyone had a bunch of fun and great racing throughout all the fields. There were also a couple new faces; Alex, Jeff, and Rassel tried out the Entropy Spec Racers for the first …

  • See you at New Jersey Motorsports Park

    We are all packed up and ready to head down to this weekend’s event at NJMP. It looks like the weather is going to cool down a couple degrees for the weekend but it’s still going to be a hot one. We also have the sprint-duro this weekend so be sure to stay hydrated. Hope to see …

  • Carlisle Event: Import and Kit


    Unfortunatly because of the accident on 81 and the weather, we are moving our booth to the next Carlisle Event: Import & Kit

    The event will be May Saturday and Sunday the 18th & 19th. Our tent will be there both days. 

    We will be bringing the Firetruck and a …

  • 2013 Events and Winter Party

    The 2013 event schedule is coming together. First up, the annual Entropy Racing winter party on February 2nd.

    Find out More about the 2013 Winter Party

    See the Guest List

    Keep checking the Event Schedule page for the latest updates on 2013 events

  • What is it like to drive an Entropy Sports Racer?

    So you've heard all about how fast and fun these ESRs are. But what does it feel like to be behind the wheel of one of these machines?

    It feels something like this:

    This in-car video is from the August 18th IMG 2-hour SprintDuro at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. …

The EVSR Project

Entropy Racing has started a new program this year: the EVSR 100% electric racecar series. While still renting gas cars, we are building an entirely electric racecar series. For more info and to become part of the action please visit



Next Event

We just signed up for an event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on June 25th. We will also be at Mt. Washington for EVSRs entry into Subaru's Climb to the Clouds on June 26th-29th. Remember that we can rent cars at any event in the North East. 

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