Devil in the Dark 2014

Two Entropy Sports Racers were entered in the Devil in the Dark 12hour endurance race at New Jersey Motorsports Park hosted by SCCA. We had 4 drivers (2 per car) that alternated driving for the full 12hours of competition. The ESRs did extremely well. Entropy Racers ranked 13th and 14th overall and placed 2nd and 3rd in there division. We held 1st in our division for a majority of the race but because of a timing jump fell to second within the last 20 minutes of competition. Despite our timing issue, both cars, pit crew, and all 4 drivers did extremely well and we are proud to rank so highly in this annual event!

The EVSR Project

Entropy Racing has started a new program this year: the EVSR 100% electric racecar series. While still renting gas cars, we are building an entirely electric racecar series. For more info and to become part of the action please visit



Next Event

We just signed up for an event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on June 25th. We will also be at Mt. Washington for EVSRs entry into Subaru's Climb to the Clouds on June 26th-29th. Remember that we can rent cars at any event in the North East. 

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