Entropy Sports Racing Series

The Entropy Sports Racing Series is a series of  races during the season at 5 different tracks using equally prepared Entropy Sports Racing cars. It is a handicapped series using rev limiters to handicap the cars based on finishing results.

The goal of ESRS is to provide an even playing field for club racers to compete and improve throughout the season, with an emphasis on clean, safe, fun competition. Our season points system was conceived by Joe Lee Jr., (former Director of NASA NE) and analyzed and evaluated by Charles Turano. Our handicap and points system is neither an attendance award, nor does it reward the top 2 finishing drivers to such a degree that it is virtually impossible to catch a driver who has a few early wins. Ultimately, it appears that consistency, some high finishes, and reasonable attendance will put anyone into contention up until the very end of the season.

After a 2 year layoff, we have re-opened the series based on popular demand. There will be plenty of cars to make this a great series. We have priced the series competitively and will include hospitality, lunch, and a few other suprises.

Current interest from existing customers along with your participation will make this series a great place to race in 2012. In most cases, we will do a split start within another race group. Between our own cars and the other cars in the group, there should be plenty of opportunity to race and learn.
Check out the ESRS Schedule for event dates and locations.

Pricing is simple and inclusive of all but crash damage (we handle your entry fees and will take care of registration whereever possible)

Join us for one of the most exciting racing series available for any price.

ESRS Points and Handicap Rules

Points System

  1. All series drivers will receive points for any race entered.
  2. Points will be accrued based on the best 9 finishes.
  3. The last-place finisher will be awarded one point.
  4. Each position above the last place car will receive one additional point.
  5. Also, the winner in each race will receive one additional point.

Here are some examples of the points system for different #s of entrants.

  1. If there are ten cars, the points will be 11 for first place, then 9,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  2. If there are eight cars, the points will be 9 for first place, then 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.
  3. If there are five cars, the points will be 6 for first place, then 4, 3, 2, and 1.
  4. If there are more than 10 cars, every position after tenth place receives one (1) point.

DNS (did not start) and DNF (did not finish)

  1. In the event a driver participates in a practice or qualifying session, but is unable to race due to mechanical failure or damage, he will be considered the last place finisher with regards to points and will receive 1 point.
  2. If more than one driver fails to start, or fails to make 1/2 the laps of the overall leader in class, all drivers considered DNF or DNS would be awarded 1 point. The remaining drivers will accrue points based on their finishing position based on the total number of cars in attendance, regardless of how many actually raced.

Example: If cars A, B, and C fail to finish half the laps in a 6 car field, cars A, B, and C will receive 1 point each. The last finishing car (completing at least half the laps of the winning ESR) will receive 4 points, the next car will receive 5 points and the winner will receive 7 points.

Season Points Tie-Breaker

In the event that a tie in accumulated points occurs at the season end, Championships will be decided as follows:
The driver with the most # of wins will be declared champion. In the event that both drivers have an equal # of wins, the championship will be awarded to the driver with the most second place finishes. If both drivers have an equal # of 1st and 2nd place finishes, both driver’s will be declared co-champions.
Note: Co-champions will be subject to a Jell-O Wrestling elimination round to be judged by the other series drivers.


Handicapping will be done via rev limiters and the formula will be as follows
(The base rev-limit will be set at 6000 RPM on all cars for the first race. the minimum rev limit will be set at 5000 RPM)

  1. First place will receive a 400 RPM handicap for the following race.
  2. Second place will receive a 200 RPM handicap for the following race.
  3. Each handicapped driver will get back 200 RPM for each race they do not finish First or Second.
  4. Drivers racing with any RPM handicap will lose additional revs for subsequent races in which they finish first or second.

Example: If a driver gets 1st in race # one and gets 2nd in race # two he will enter race # three with a 600 RPM handicap. If he finishes no higher than 3rd in race three he will get 200 RPM back for the beginning of race four. If he finishes second in race three he will be recieve a 5200 RPM rev limit handicap. (but boy will we be impressed)


  1. Penalties will be assessed for contact, either with ESRS cars or other participants in the same race group, based on Event Steward or Race Director findings, and/or the ESRS director’s discretion.
  2. Penalties also may be assessed for blocking, rough or aggressive driving, or failure to follow any ESRS rules and regulations as well as those of the host club.
  3. Penalties may be levied as rev limits, points deductions, or harsher penalties.


Trophies will be awarded down to 3rd for races wth 5 or more entrants, and down to 2nd for fewer than 5 entrants. any scheduled race with less than 3 registered particpants will be dropped from the points.

The EVSR Project

Entropy Racing has started a new program this year: the EVSR 100% electric racecar series. While still renting gas cars, we are building an entirely electric racecar series. For more info and to become part of the action please visit www.EVSR.net



Next Event

We just signed up for an event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on June 25th. We will also be at Mt. Washington for EVSRs entry into Subaru's Climb to the Clouds on June 26th-29th. Remember that we can rent cars at any event in the North East. 

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