What's Included in a Winter Prep

Entropy Racing's Winter Prep is a thorough preparation and inspection of your car's critical components to store it safely over the winter months and get it ready for the track in the spring. 


This full inspection and prep includes a detailed check of all of the following:


  • Axles, boots, and driveshaft condition and play
  • Wheel bearings on all four corners
  • Motor mounts and transmission mounts
  • Shift linkage and condition of hydraulic lines

Suspension and Steering

  • All suspension arms, dampers, springs
  • All bearings and joints
  • Steering joints, column, U joints in linkage


  • Brake pad wear and condition
  • Brake rotor wear and condition
  • Brake calipers and hydraulic lines
  • Brake pedal travel
  • Brake light function
  • Full Throttle to full stop behavior

Chassis and Body

  • Exhaust mounts, rubber, and hardware
  • External lights, rain lights
  • Battery connections and mount, tie downs
  • Battery load test
  • Tire wear & condition
  • Removal of extra tape, unwanted stickers, and debris from exterior
  • Clean interior and exterior
  • Rain-X glass windscreens
  • Windshield wiper function and condition
  • Inspect harnesses and check dates
  • Functionality of all gauges


  • Clutch & Brake fluid
  • Engine Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Coolant / Water


  • Outdoor storage for cars and trailers up to 24' included
  • Climate controlled indoor storage available for an additional $200
  • Storage for larger trailers and additional services available by quote

If we find any worn or broken items or any potential problems during our inspection, we will notify you immediately. We will be happy to recommend a course of action and are capable of most major and minor mechanical repairs in-house.


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The EVSR Project

Entropy Racing has started a new program this year: the EVSR 100% electric racecar series. While still renting gas cars, we are building an entirely electric racecar series. For more info and to become part of the action please visit www.EVSR.net



Next Event

We just signed up for an event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on June 25th. We will also be at Mt. Washington for EVSRs entry into Subaru's Climb to the Clouds on June 26th-29th. Remember that we can rent cars at any event in the North East. 

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